About Us

Liberty Wardrobe is the benchmark for brand name contemporary wardrobe rentals serving the Canadian film and television industry since 1990. Owner and costume designer-stylist Ken McGuire and staff have over 20 years under their belts in costuming films, television, commercials, videos, print, theatre and events. We’re organized, timely, helpful and we ship anywhere.

Constantly updating and adding new wardrobe to our inventory with current purchases from retail giants, feature films and t.v. series production makes our brand name selection “the best” hands down and year after year impresses our returning costumers and newest visitors.

All aisles and sections are brightly lit, color-blocked, have “easy-find” signage, size markers, and a rolling ladder in every aisle for stress-free pulling.

We have fun stuff too!

Santas, padding, vintage, all sports teams, cheer, ethnic, headwear, footwear, accessories, club wear, fantasy, dance, scuba, medical, chef, tuxedos, western, prom, bridal, and more!

Don’t miss sushi fridays, easter egg hunt, and texas summer bbq!